Jo O' Neil - Taken from Facebook

Bought a beautiful silver bee necklace at a craft fair in Ruislip some months back.

Polly Horton - Taken from Facebook

Kath is so incredibly clever. Her handmade jewellery has so much personality and is absolutely stunning. Keep going Kath!

Lisa Berlie - Taken from Facebook

The most. beautiful handmade silver jewellery - so lovely and different - reasonably priced too. As Kath would say its silver with a soul. 

Kate Tully - Taken from Facebook

I have purchased many pieces of jewellery from Kath and really love her organic contemporary designs. Unfortunately for my purse my 10 year old daughter has a taste for it too.  

Susannah Goulding  - Taken from Facebook

I bought earrings from Kath from Citylit in December, the amount of compliments Ive had on them is amazing. Truly beautiful, just bought some more.......Thanks Kath. 

Elspeth Daly - Taken from Facebook

Has made some beautiful and sometimes challenging pieces (sorry Kath) Love all of my pieces and there are quite a few, especially my huge topaz rock. 

Nancy Baxendale - Taken from Facebook

I think all of my jewellery is made by Kath, and I buy most of my presents from her too!Lovely lady and awesome jeweller.