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To you to me


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Gold vermeil double ringed necklace. Which can portray a whole host of meanings. The circles measure 2.5cms wide. The whole necklace is 48cms long. Simply stylish in every way.

Image of Baby bee circle necklace
Sold out
Baby bee circle necklace
Image of Solid gold baby bee
Solid gold baby bee
Image of Super star necklace
Super star necklace
Image of One for all.
One for all.
Image of Always
Image of Sycamore seed pods
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Sycamore seed pods
Image of Baby bee necklace
Baby bee necklace
Image of Cattastix
Image of  Handmade sterling silver bee necklace
Handmade sterling silver bee necklace
Image of Twiggy K
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Twiggy K
Image of Trixy trio
Trixy trio
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